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In Peacemaker Kurogane, Saitou Hajime is a mysterious psyschic member of the Shinsengumi. Although I am not very fond of this portrayal (they made my Saitou a little creepy and not as sexy) they at least showed respect by showing his katana prowess. Still Hajime is Hajime so I have learned to love this portrayal nonetheless.

Screenshot of sleepy Saitou in Peace Maker KuroganePeace Maker Kurogane really did capture the Shinsengumi online community very early on since after RK, we really didn't have any full pledge anime that was centered on the Shinsengumi. So it was indeed a pleasant surprise to have PMK announced around summer of 2003. The anime itself did not start airing until October 2003 in Japanese network "TV Asahi" but being fans we did get a sneak peak on Saitou... And a lot of us were surprised! Of course we were mostly raised with the Rurouni Kenshin version so seeing a different interpretation of the wolf kind of surprised us in a way. However... What's nice about PMK Saitou is he "grows" on you. Come to think of it I was not at all an avid fan of this Saitou but I watched and watched and by episode 15 or so, I finally took him in. WAIIII!!!!! Yes he looks rather sleepy all the time and I still can't get over the fact that he sees and feels dead people but hey he's very interesting and FUNNY! He is a Buddhist monk and samurai in PMK! In a way he is like RK Saitou when it comes to humor, it's a little weird and subdued but it's THERE! I swear he has a resemblance... And no this version of Saitou-san is not lame at all... And if you call him lame.. *waves her fake Ikeda Kishinmaru Kunishige (Saitou's katana) at you* Consider yourself warned...

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