Playstation 2 - Gunrou-den's Saitou Hajime

Gunrou den by Watsuki sensei


Released by Red Entertainment in Japan who is popular for their "Gungrave" series, which I believe is based off an anime, this game was the talk of the town among Shinsengumi RK fans fourth quarter of 2004. Well some of us still talk about it of course! LOL!

So what's so special about Gunrou-den aside from the awesome graphics and gameplay in the action genre? Red Entertainment had commissioned Nobuhiro Watsuki-sensei to do the character designs on this Playstation 2 (PS2) game! Fans of RK Saitou though will be disappointed as they will not see RK Saitou here, no fangs (yes his teeth looks like fangs) and no adorable hair bangs hanging in front *sigh*. But let's give Watsuki-sensei a break ne? There is after all property rights involved and Rurouni Kenshin including character designs is now owned by Sony. But hey, Gunrou-den gives us a bad-ass looking Saitou so... Just look!

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