Gekka no Kenshi's Wazishuka (Is that RK Saitou?)

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Alright... This game was -way- back in the late 90s. It was released by SNK who were famous for their fighting games... Think Samurai Showdown where there's 2D fighting and power bars on top that depletes everytime you get hit... Oh and a counter that tells you time is running out. Yes beat them up sword style! Still don't get it? Hmmm... Think King of Fighters... That one is pretty popular with several releases.... Still nothing? Let's step back a few, think Street Fighter (different company)... then fast forward and think Street Fighter vs SNK... Got it now? LOL! Okay think about the days when your fingers hurt trying to hit three-four buttons all at the same time for combo moves... There... now we're back in business...

So what's so special about Gekka no Kenshi, otherwise known as Last Blade for us English speaking people? Oh I know all about it and why the character designs for Washizuka looks so much like Saitou. Let's just say SNK developers/artist and Watsuki-sensei knew each other ne? The old site had an excellent page for Gekka no Kenshi but the site has left us which is really a shame *sigh*. You'll just have to content yourself in this one but hey we'll -try- to do good.

The story is set in the days of the Bakumatsu, there is a brief introduction about the "times" at how each desire to live and the desire to die are but one and the same. And that since that world that was handed down from generation to generation was in a state of disarray, that the Four Gods decided it is time to cleanse the world and thus the start of the great upheaval was put into motion. *dramatic sigh* And hell's gate was opened? That's where our hero Keiichirou Washizuka comes in! Hmmm... even his name sounds fishy... Keiichirou... Ichi... Number one... Begin... Hajime? LOL!

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