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Burai translates into villain, to be quite honest I have only skimmed this manga by Iwasaki Youko. The Saitou Hajime in this version is quite the eye-candy. Purple eyes and long hair, for once we get a Saitou who's a real bishie! *sigh* Unfortunately I still have no idea what's going on in the manga, only that it's set in the early stages of the Shinsengumi where Serizawa Kamo is still one of the Co-commander along with Kondou Isami (Kyokuchou) and is kind of central in the manga. You do get Tokio in this one, she is a cross dresser but as to what's going on... Hmmm... I'll update when I'm done going through the stuff. I'm not much use ne? Gome! ^__^;;

There are actually two series now for this title. I was fortunate enough to get all of them... The first five below is the first series titled simply as "Burai and published by Asuka comics back in 1997.


The second set below is the second series manga set entitled "Mato Kakusei - Burai", published back in 2000 by Iwasaki-sensei. In both cases they are shounen manga even if the art work is pretty.. And who doesn't want pretty? *grins*

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