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Saitou Hajime - Fujita Goro

Captain of the Shinsengumi and Meiji Cop

Welcome to! This website is an appreciation site for Saitou Hajime in all of his incarnations especially in fiction and Rurouni Kenshin. In all the universes you will see below, you'll most recognize Saitou as a member of the Shinsengumi in the days of the Bakumatsu. In his later life he will formally join the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, where his popular rendition is embodied in the anime/manga Rurouni Kenshin. The goal of this site is to revisit most of his popular portrayals and introduce to visitors Saito's other lesser known appearances in pop and some historical information. To navigate this website for Saitou use the links below and then the navigation bars to your right!

Saitou Hajime Shrine News:

07/10/2006 - As a temporary solution, I've linked the Saitou in History to the Sagashite section of HNK, specifically to the Saitou articles only. For those who do no know HNK is my main website for the Shinsengumi!

06/06/2006 - RK News! The Kanzeban editions are coming out in Japan... And for us Saitou Hajime fans a game has been released by Banpresto which includes Saitou-sama as a playable character! Check out the HNK forum for more details!

05/15/2006 - I got my grubby hands on the Memorial video for Rurouni Kenshin! I believe some have not yet seen this before as it was never licensed for US release. Have fun and please be kind to our server!

04/22/2006 - I updated Watashi no Itachi! Writing that fanfic is quite a joy. :) I also added new pics in the jigsaw game of Aoshi, Misao, Saitou, Soujirou and Yahiko (this will take you to the main site). Finally the javascript navs on this site has been updated.

04/16/2006 - Most of you already know that this site is tied to HNK. Since there's been some navigational changes in NHK I've updated the navs here too. Please let me know if links do not work.

04/15/2006 - I've added this site to the Shinsengumi Alliance webring! If you have a Saito Hajime or Shinsengumi related website please join! You can find the webring here.

04/11/2006 - The fanlisting for Mibugishiden is now finished! Please sign up for our favorite Ookami, Saito Hajime who's brought to life by Koichi Sato! Thank you!

03/19/2006 - I'd like to let you know that we've been approved for Mibugishiden aka "When the Last Sword is Drawn" in! Yay! Some information on Mibugishiden can be found in our Saito Hajime Mibugishiden section. I'll announce when I'm done creating the fanlisting. ^__^

03/06/2006 - The three guides for the Playstation 2 game, Fu-un Shinsengumi are now up! Thank you to r1ck, Anwar and evil7 for the wonderful additions!

03/01/2006 - Small update to the history section, taken from Shinsengumi Hyakuwa about Saitou being a spy.

02/26/2006 - Shinsengumi Gunrou-den FAQ-Guide is up. Thank you to ClubFED for the contribution.

02/20/2006 - Our favorite Miburo's shrine has a new look! The navigation for the Saitou Shrine is a bit different however I'm sure you will love our new theme! Make sure you stop by the Rurouni Kenshin area for some new eye-candy! That section is so much more improved with FOUR image galleries to drool on! We've also added content for NHK Shinsengumi Saitou, an image gallery for now if you are a fan of Jo Odagiri! Everything else you loved about the old Saitou site has been transfered over, well except for a few more Shinsengumi group related that will be added to the main site at HNK! Special thanks go to Safetygirl for assisting me in this rather humongous project! And no we're not close to being done...



  • Rurouni Kenshin - Watsuki's creation of the Wolf of Mibu, Saitou Hajime also known as Fujita Goro as

  • Peace Maker Kurogane - Saitou Hajime the Captain of the Third Squad

  • Mibugishiden - When the Last Sword is Drawn - Saitou as a comrade in arms

  • NHK Shinsengumi - The quiet portrayal of Saitou by Jo Odagiri

  • Burai - Manga by Iwasaki Youko of Saitou in the early years of the Shinsengumi

  • Kaze Hikaru - Saitou Hajime plays a supporting role in this manga by Watanabe Taeko

  • Fu-un Shinsengumi - PS2 game featuring the whole Shinsengumi including Saitou

  • Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi - "Hajime-chan", a younger portrayal in this PS2 game

  • Gunrou-den - Watsuki revisits Saitou in this Playstation 2 game

  • Gekka no Kenshi - Not necessarily RK Saitou but Washizuka (still a Shinsengumi) sure makes the cut!

  • Other portrayals - the lesser known portrayals of Saito, for now we have Shinsengumi Keppuroku

  • History - Saitou Hajime / Fujita Goro in real life; just searching for the real man - located in HNK's Sagashite

  • Saitou - Shinsengumi Fanlistings - Make sure you join if you're a fan of Saitou or the Shinsengumi!